Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Myth of Shooting at Mid Day

The 'Golden' hour of shooting, right before sunset or right after sunrise; the time when outdoor light is said to be at it's best; the only time you may have been told by an instructor that you will want to shoot landscapes or even portraits outdoors, right? Do not get me wrong, that light is great but it doesn't last very long and it can get the kaibash instantly with just one cloud. You really have to be exactly where you want to be and ready to shoot. The fact of the matter is that you can shoot your subjects outdoors all day long – even while the sun is shining high above. Don't forget too that clouds are also great and bring a unique character that cannot be replicated naturally.

Skinning around Aspen Colorado
As for portrait work try placing your subjects in shaded natural structures (silhouette) like in between cliff walls, near water, under trees or even man-made objects like between buildings, in or around automobiles or near shiny or light-colored walls or other reflective surfaces. Use your surroundings, they're often free and uniquely original. Your subject can also block the direct sunlight giving them a star like quality. You might consider using either on or off-camera fill flash depending on your desired effect to further enhance your creation.

Steamboat Springs Cowboy Downhill
Just like some midday portrait work landscapes can be done with similar concepts. Great puffies (clouds), deep shadowed silhouettes and strong contrasts can be utilized in high noon landscapes. Just don't forget your polarizer. This one filter is my favorite old school tool that is always in my camera bag even for some portraits.

Palmyra Peak Telluride Colorado
Don't limit yourself to the dawn or the dusk, think outside the globe. Notice other artists work, break it down and try to figure out how they used their light sources whether natural or artificial but have fun. Whatever the case realize that you have several hours of midday light on a sunny day to move around and MAKE that great image to your liking as opposed to the "Golden hour" which isn't even really an hour after all.


Sometimes finding a subject matter to shoot seems arduous. After all have you heard of the Internet? And then there's this thing called Youtube! Enter the land of the "amateur hour"! There's not much that hasn't been recorded out there but don't let that stop you from being creative now.

Where for heart thou!

For me sometimes I'm inspired by others to boost my expressive creature. The idea to shoot a series of hearts came to me after I repeatedly saw the shape appear in different forms natural and mm (manmade) in and around my everyday life. From the puddle in my driveway that formed this perfect heart every time the rain evaporated half way to the rock on a waterfall hike and even the heart shaped cloud in the sky from that same driveway. Eventually, more and more things looked like hearts to me right down to my pasta dinner! Alright this is where I started to create my own! After all if we don't enjoy our surroundings than make your surroundings enjoy YOU! Anyway be inspired or go inspire it's up to you.

Self Portraits

Devils Causeway Yampa Colorado
These days anybody can hold out their camy in their right hand and point it back home. It's a novel documentary tool but not very inspiring to a veteran shooter. I will never claim to be the most creative photographer that ever walked but I am the only one that looks, feels, talks and sees at my particular location like me. Your p.o.v. (point of view) is yours so be expressive. I often incorporate drama from a unique perspective in my self-portraits with the plan of selling these in the commercial market down the road. Nothing like getting paid to shoot yourself!

Three Amigos or Corey cubed in Sayulita Mexico
There are certainly times when I use a tripod and pose for the shot like the waterfall photo and then there's the monopod versions that give more of a "been there wish I could do that appearance". There are times I just want to goof off for the camera like the self looking at self doing a handstand photo. A little bit of Photoshop necessary for a stunt like that. Team Corey is another example of fun lifestyle self portraiture. Don't be afraid to place yourself in multiple areas of the image.

Action self-portraits in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Sometimes a tripod just won't do, and I have found the need to fabricate a mount for my camera in order to capture action shots like the skiing and biking self portraits. PW's (pocket wizards) are my mainstay for triggering most of my images these days. Sure there are other triggering devices but these are the pro standards and work flawlessly from up to 1600 feet away. Even your standard self-timer mode on your camera can be a viable solution to self-portraits. So don't be shy and don't forget to shoot yourself the next time you go on a photo safari.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Corey Kopischke Wedding Photography

For over twelve years, I have been shooting weddings in Colorado and throughout the world. Utilizing my background in portrait photography, location lighting, landscape and fine art photography, weddings were a natural progression for me.

Documenting your wedding celebration as a commissioned artist and a newcomer to your family is an amazing challenge – and a huge blessing. The complexities and spontaneity of your special day where everybody comes together and experiences love again are best preserved through the art of creative photo journalism. I work to get to know you and your family throughout the experience in order to capture your purest emotions.

Bellavista Steamboat Springs, Colorado
With today’s technology your wedding photographs can be on your computer, on your cell phone, in a mini "travel" album, on your coffee table, or as fine art throughout your home. I have partnered with Pictage, the premier online wedding photography company where you will receive your own personal website. Pictage has the most talented wedding photographers in the world utilizing their products and event hosting. Together, we offer products ranging from DVD’s and archival prints to leather-bound albums and coffee table books. Pictage backs all of their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.