Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Sometimes finding a subject matter to shoot seems arduous. After all have you heard of the Internet? And then there's this thing called Youtube! Enter the land of the "amateur hour"! There's not much that hasn't been recorded out there but don't let that stop you from being creative now.

Where for heart thou!

For me sometimes I'm inspired by others to boost my expressive creature. The idea to shoot a series of hearts came to me after I repeatedly saw the shape appear in different forms natural and mm (manmade) in and around my everyday life. From the puddle in my driveway that formed this perfect heart every time the rain evaporated half way to the rock on a waterfall hike and even the heart shaped cloud in the sky from that same driveway. Eventually, more and more things looked like hearts to me right down to my pasta dinner! Alright this is where I started to create my own! After all if we don't enjoy our surroundings than make your surroundings enjoy YOU! Anyway be inspired or go inspire it's up to you.

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