Monday, June 8, 2015

Draper cycle parks new jump and pump park opening!

Very excited to have experienced the new jump park at last weekend. There were some local pros and a ton of great riders along with a cool raffle. The shenanigans lasted all day, but here are just a few of the highlights from the scene in Draper.
Lots of "duel" shredding and even the ribbon cutting tape is hanging on for a victory lap.
Loca lSpecialized pro rider Mitch Ropelato whipping his way under a Drone attack on the double black line.
Two GT riders Joey Foresta and 2008 Olympic silver medalist Mike Day working it out on another hit from the opening day celebration.
Style and amplitude was plentiful on the first hit as the two guys show that wheel size doesn't matter, it's just dirt. There were Groms galore, and plenty of girls ripping the lines all day too, I just wanted to keep this one short.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Another 2 wheeled addition to the family, say hello to "Cavita".

We recently discovered a unique old vintage (43 years old) style of two wheeled pull behind camper, aptly named the "Campster". After some research and a few classified ads we pulled the trigger on this little gem "Cavita". My wife coined this name after its cave like feel and rounded shape. It is a blend of mostly fiberglass on a steel frame with a center pop-up roof for the stand up cooking area which adds to the venting process. The weather was perfect for her maiden voyage to Mt. Timpanogos park.
Not even 10 feet long on the inside but compared to the back of my 98 Taco very comfortable and easy towing.
Not a bad view for her first trip under new management, and she can hold 2 bikes inside. Battery operated Christmas lights..........not included.
Room to stand, cook, eat, sleep and enjoy coffee out your back door.
The 2 bikes weren't just for looks we actually heard that Sundance Mountain has some really fun singletrack so after breakfast we drove down the road to the base of Sundance ski area.

Turns out they also have lift-served biking with a Swiss Apls feel to it!
Like most ski areas in Utah and surrounding mountain states, it is as lush as can be.
Wouldn't be complete without a little pedaling, just don't forget to look at the scenery.
Archies basin is a fun little loop around the southern boundary of Sundance Mountain Resort complete with the Timpanogos range in your rear view mirror.
Let's  see, lush singletrack, big mountain snow capped views and street tacos with your favorite honey. Yum!