Saturday, June 23, 2018

Mt. Timpanogos with #newlywedsnotnewlyweds!

I was fortunate enough 6 years ago to photograph Devon and Kaydee's wedding in Steamboat Springs Colorado, where we all met several years prior  serving in the youth ministry together. These two are my favorite couple ever!!!

At 11,752 feet Mt. Timpanogos is the icon of the Wasatch as far as I am concerned. So when Devon asked if I wanted to hang with them on their first summit as husband and wife, I jumped on it. Naturally I turned it into a photo shoot for their 6th anniversary and what a great day it was. To add to the challenge my friends are triathletes now, in full fledged training mode AND it was my first hike/run of the season! I am not a runner by definition, but if I was it would strictly be trail running. But, I am not a runner...... perhaps a fast hiker. Anyhow, they were a joy to follow up the 5,000 vertical foot, 15 mile roundtrip heart pumper that is Timp, with a photo backpack on.
 We chose the more scenic approach from the Aspen Grove site which gives you a few hundred more vertical and is loaded with waterfalls this time of year. I liken it to an escalator in the woods, with every switch back you make the valley just drops away and the scenery only improves the higher you go.
Never a shortage of "God showers" to cool off in either.
 A stunning landscape alone, but add 2 trail runners and their dog.....................WOW! The wildflowers are just starting their magical transition too.
Emerald Lake is a proglacial beauty and a nice place to refill your water before the final 2,000 feet up to the summit (top right). Also, the snow glaciers are what counts for the highest number of accidents, resues and death with hikers, due to the practice of "glissading" with less than ample skill.
 This was the only mandatory snow crossing, and will be gone in another month.
 Kaydee in her last few strides to the summit and almost 7,000 feet above the Provo valley floor.
 In case you didn't know, both male and female goats have horns. This little one is getting first hand experience on cliff management from Mom.
The observation hut at the summit was constructed around 1959 to help with infrastructure for hikers and rescue parties. It also helps block the summit winds during snack time.
 Perfect day for a summit with this crew! Yay human skittles.............
Happy 6th anniversary guys. #newlywedsNOTnewlyweds

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