Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dirt biking Stansbury Utah

Got to explore the mountain range on the other side of Salt Lake (west) otherwise known as Stansbury. This is where Deseret Peak is located and offers some amazing views back towards the great Salt Lake. The Stansbury Front trail was our in and I'm glad we chose the dirt bikes for this trip, because the climbs and the size of the rocks in the trail would not have been enjoyable on the pedal bikes.
The landscape changed a lot over the course of 20+ miles (out and back) but this section called for a snack break.
No one but me noticed this quick view of Deseret Peak on the way up this rocky section so I made our tour guide (Joe) and my wife ride it together on the way back down. The parking for the trail head is up the canyon another mile and from there you can summit in less then 4 miles (one way) to Deseret Peak.
Heading back down valley you get a back side view of the mountain range where the Bingham Copper mine sits and the southern tip of the great Salt Lake with the town of Tooele in the valley below. That's pronounced To-ill-uh (Tooele) : )

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