Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tomahawk Wisconsin in a day and a half.

I recently got my first taste of pure Wisconsin hospitality while visiting the other "land of thousands of lakes". I was greeted with warm temperatures (lots of hugs) and clear skies for my first of two nights on the shores of Lake Alice just outside of Tomahawk Wisconsin. Our gracious hosts JoAnn and George Nelson (my wife's sister) already had the fire pit locked and loaded, so we all sat under the stars after a light dinner and reacquainting.
It wouldn't be a cabin on the lake without a way or two to access all the great fishing one expects from this world class "Muskie" territory.
While the weather was still on our side and breakfast was checked off the list, it was time to see the lake.
Colors were definitely picking up around the lake but it was also very uncrowded as one might expect in the last few days of September.
My wife enjoyed many great moments with her mother Ann (90 years old) on the boat ride and the weather couldn't have been better.
George Nelson, the man behind the helm kept us filled with great views and some epic fish stories all day long.
We milked this boat ride all the way into a lakeside dinner stop and then we finished under a waxing crescent moon over glass like conditions for my last night out.
Of course, any tour wouldn't be complete without a ride on a 2 wheeler. Fortunately our hosts had a couple of nice rides for my wife and I to enjoy but there was a bonus bike also. This was a  vintage Schwinn 3 speed cruiser in fine working order.
One hot lap through the actual town of Tomahawk for some urban color and I was on my way back to the Rhinelander aeroport, as it was already starting to snow back home in the Wasatch mountains of SLC.

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