Monday, July 13, 2015

Another week another jungle.

Every time we venture up American Fork, I can't believe it is this close to the city. The trails are rugged and the views always impress. I see why it doesn't get the mountain bike traffic when I'm sitting atop my dirt mover (KTM 200) and that's ok. It's all about Timp, Mt. Timpanogos and the sweeping valley below.
Most people that make it up here are on dirt bikes or horses and even that crowd is pretty low in numbers. The trails are maintained by the good folks at and allow you to work for some pretty amazing lunch spots.
If you have been in the high country this week then you know it is good, real good.
My wife enjoying the views of where we are headed next.
At last, Mt. Timpanogos and the waist to chest high wild flowers.
The ride back down was pretty nice too.

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