Monday, July 6, 2015

Back in the Boat, Steamboat Springs Colorado.

 Summer has officially started and the travel is in full swing. First major tour was back to the old playgrounds in Steamboat Springs Colorado. As much of my work time was already accounted for I always leave space for the spontaneous, and today that was a SUP trip to Pearl Lake.
Even more then just Sup, it was a yoga Sup session with my friend Alex of If you ever get invited to do SUP Yoga, I would definitely give it a try.
The views can be a little distracting (in a good way) but the extra balance and skills that you gain are also worth the experience.
Another bonus is you don't even have to have your own SUP. Fortunately Alex works with Danny Tebbenkamp of He has several types of boards, mostly inflatables from another Steamboat local company and is a certified Level 3 ACA Paddleboard instructor.
You can even try pairing up with a trusted friend for some "partner yoga". Any way you slice it, SUP Yoga is a great new discipline for your Summer adventures.
And remember, like most recreational sports it's all about the fun.
Get outside!

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